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Startup Named "OnGanic Foods" Is Helping People To Live Organically

As per FICCI, ‘India has made a strong name for itself and ranks amongst top five countries in the world in terms of number of startups founded’.

By garima

Startup Named "OnGanic Foods" Is Helping People To Live Organically

As per FICCI, ‘India has made a strong name for itself and ranks amongst top five countries in the world in terms of number of startups founded’. The organic food industry in India is a specialty classification and is yet to sweep countrywide. But these organic startups have managed to create and innovate several food and beverage, cosmetic and healthcare products that are 100% natural.

Due to the increasing number of food adulteration cases and continuously rising income, the conscious consumers in India want to turn completely natural in their nourishment requirements, hence making organic products their preferred choice. The country has witnessed a rise in the demand of the organic products. Ekta Jaju's "ONganic Foods" is a startup that helps catering needs of Indians of organic food. She has been able to serve these organic food items by collaborating with small-scale farmers. ONganic is an Agri Social Enterprise that provides a platform for small farmers to supply large population of country. ONganic Foods is an Organic NPOP/EU/USDA certified company which has achieved various awards. They work with more than five Farmer Producer Companies (FPCs) comprising of about 500-1000 smallholder farmers each in West Bengal for organic and natural produce. The enterprise basically works in East and North East India and is incubated by IIM Calcutta Innovation Park.

The organic sector in India offers numerous doors of opportunities that can be leveraged, hence turning out to be a perfect startup for ONganic Foods. This company is still at nascent stage to be seen & acknowledged as an extremely encouraging sector. Various initiatives taken by ONganic Foods further acting as a catalyst for change from traditional farming to organic farming. One of such activity is to offer benefits to these 500-1000 farmers who are part of it by providing reduced costs, premium prices, buyback, etc While the farmers enjoy these services offered, they are happy with the high yielding variety of crops that are under premium category under huge demand. ONganic farmers specialize in black rice, red rice, brown rice, aromatic rice, etc. which has always had high international demand also. 

Ekta set up ONganic Foods to provide integrated and holistic solution to the challenges in agriculture sector. ONganic handholds the farmer right from procurement of seeds to access to the premium markets. Apart from benefits of reduced cost and premium prices, organic farming improves soil quality, promotes bio diversity, is extremely nutritious and healthy and is climate resilient. ONganic’s vision is better livelihoods for farmers, health & wellness for consumers and a sustainable planet. ONganic currently works with 1000+ farmers with a strong vision to impact 10,000+ farmers by 2025.

ONganic's farmers are fortunate that they are a part of this premium supply food chain. It has filled the gap between farmers and market, it has changed their lives drastically. Initially famrers were at mercy of middlemen to market the produce but now its so easy for them through ONganic that takes our produce at the doorstep and their stress has reduced a lot with significant increase
in our income. Since then, farmers are preferring organic agriculture, also they use organic products in their home which has very positive impact on the health. Some regular problem of feet injuries, food poisoning and genetics problem specially related to women has reduced significantly.  Now the farmers want to enter into fruits and vegetables market with hope for better market and opportunities. They are happy to shift in organic and will continue it always. 

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