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Tech Revolution Has Affected The B2B World- Way Of Business Have Modified In Recent Times

In recent times, India’s has improved a lot onto its capabilities in creating better internet accessibility and the availability of affordable Smartphones to the public, creating various business development opportunities with this tech world.

By Mridulata Sen

Tech Revolution Has Affected The B2B World- Way Of Business Have Modified In Recent Times

With the new-age technology transformation, B2B players are trying to become the face for the eCommerce section, investing more in AI, VR, Big Data, and using more of social media to personalize the shopping experience.

Today’s world is more technology-based and every other individual is becoming Tech-savvy these days. So the B2B world is hitting this tech world like never before. Reports even say that it is likely to witness a growth of 400 million internet users before 2022.

The B2B trend is not new but the evolution of technology has indeed changed the way they function. The evolution of digital technology has changed the concept of business and all over the world. The new demands of the market have given rise to new technologies and online business.

In today’s date, B2B works like- wherever the customer wants to buy, there will be a company that offers to sell it. The best part of this change is that traders can safely export and import goods from anywhere without any hassles of going to other countries.

Influence of technology on businesses

Today companies and businesses have realized the potential of moving their processes online. The reach of the products almost becomes double. You can eventually build a community across the world virtually and see your business growing, be it through emails or virtual interactions between the clients or video conferencing.

Also, there are many sales and marketing organizations that are training their staffs with the latest technology so that they get familiarized with tech advancements, which include Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, digital sales, and many more.

Post COVID-19, Sellers, and marketers now have to be more inclined towards the emerging tech world to meet up to the latest demands.

In recent times, social media has also been the biggest platform for B2B to develop. Let’s know-how.

Social media has taken over every business sector around the world, with smartphone users in India estimating to spend an average of 3.5 hours per day on several apps like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others. However, the figures have increased during the pandemic by 24% and become 4.3 hours per day, owing to the lockdown and work from home scenario.

As a result, with active viewership experienced by vloggers, bloggers, and YouTube channels, etc social media has now become a hub for B2B marketing.

Technology and B2B marketing have experienced a lot of growth due to its easy accessibility. User preferences are recognized through search patterns on shopping apps and clicks based on Big Data analytics, which is a game-changer in the tech sector. This is not only an easy and cheaper way to keep a track of customer preference but also provides organizations with consumer demands.

How does it work:

if a user searches for office stationery often, the data collected about these preferences helps office supplies companies to direct their ads towards those specific users looking for those products. Every time he/she uses mobile apps or websites while browsing, these ads are shown on these portals, This ads will direct customers to buy their respective products just as a customer service executive would do.

Businesses will now interact with buyers and vendors online, making it easier for people to buy from the comfort of their homes.

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