The Fastest Human Calculator Helps Kids Overcome Math Phobia With Bhanzu.

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By Ishika Rastogi

The Fastest Human Calculator Helps Kids Overcome Math Phobia With Bhanzu.

Last week, global math learning platform Bhanzu raised $15 million in a sequence of investment spherical led by way of 8 Roads Ventures and B Capital.

It is our belief that Bhanzu resolves a major problem students face and enables all children to enjoy learning math. Bhanzu turned into created to inculcate a love for math, with modern gaining knowledge of techniques, and to set up itself as the sector's most complete holistic math curriculum,” stated Karan Mohla, an associate at B Capital at the time of the investment.

Tackling ‘math phobia’

Mathematical tension is not unusual across the world, among adults and children. The academic study of math anxiety dates to the 1950s when Mary Fides Gough added the period mathemaphobia to describe the phobia-like feelings of many toward mathematics.

In November 2020, Neelakantha Bhanu stated to be the “world's quickest human calculator", determined to release his math learning platform to rid children between the ages of 5 and 16 At the Mind Sports Olympiad (MSO) in 2020, Neelakantha, who was described by the BBC as "Usain Bolt of mathematics (mental calculations)", won the Intellectual Calculation World Championship for India. 

In 2017, at 17, he has become anointed the quickest human calculator in the world, beating math maestros like Scott Flansburg and Shakuntala Devi.

After breaking the fastest human calculator document, Neelakantha began making level suggestions and teaching college students across 20 nations math. At some point in this time, he determined that three out of four youngsters faced some type of math phobia. A math fan, he was "concerned".

​Neelakantha determined to address the problem and commenced working on growing a holistic math curriculum, which introduces ideas to students through the use of innovative getting-to-know techniques and experiential online publications.

The goal at Bhanzu is to cultivate a culture of mathematics excellence in our students. This now not only makes them carry out poorly in faculty but also discourages them from taking up careers in STEM fields where math performs an important role," Neelakantha says.

Since adolescence, math has been taught as a subject in which you rote memorize formulae, clear up questions, and earn marks. We want students to not just deal with math as a course, but to fall in love with it.

Building a fun but comprehensive curriculum

In the original challenge statement, the Hyderabad-based startup aimed to make kids more enthusiastic about math rather than shying away from it.

The answer: designing a curriculum that makes mastering math fun, interactive, and thrilling.
In 2019, Neelakantha fashioned a small crew (the modern-day co-founding team of Bhanzu) to test his proprietary techniques among various government colleges and NGOs. Bhanzu has evolved experiential math coaching based on stories and conceptual expertise and paintings for all students.

"Bhanzu has advanced many variations of our contemporary math curriculum. The startup says it caters to over 30,000 students and mothers and fathers.

In the coming year, Bhanzu plans to decorate the tech infrastructure to create a top-notch user, increase the personnel, and make the curriculum stronger.

In the classroom, we are developing games with remarks and assessments, and installing research close-to-stay sessions for asynchronous learning. The startup began (online) stay instructions in SEA and the Middle East and aims to finally scale there.

Bhanzu also plans to sell math as a competitive recreation via booster courses and mini-games collection for self-paced gaining knowledge of engagement.


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