This Fascinating Couple Started Lifestyle And Sexual Health Startup In The Middle Of COVID-19

Mumbai-based MyMuse is founded by Anushka & sahil Gupta. It offers sexual health and personal care products such as massagers, lubricants, and candles.

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This Fascinating Couple Started Lifestyle And Sexual Health Startup In The Middle Of COVID-19

"Embarrassment" is a common emotion shared by all of us when it comes to sexual health.

However, with the passage of time, society is trying to get more involved in healthy conversations as it has come to realize that speaking out on sex-related topics does more harm than good.

Entrepreneurs Sahil and Anushka Gupta say that most teenagers in India when they start exploring their sexuality, learn about their friends' sex and pornography instead of approaching trusted adults.

And the couple believes it's time for that to change.

In September 2020, the couple came out and founded MyMuse, a sex startup in Mumbai, which seeks to change the conversation and experience about sexual intimacy by offering quality sexual well-being products.

Working with a team of five full-time employees and several freelancers and interns, MyMuse is now looking for talent.

Navigating India's sexual health market

MBA degree holder, Sahil saw new opportunities in India's national sexual health industry. He joined his wife Anushka, who graduated from Tufts University with a degree in psychology and entrepreneurship.

The initial idea was to build a platform based on content and broaden coverage, but several months of research have shown that the real challenge is to use world-class products for sexual health and pleasure.

"There are many strong and good players in the content space, but on the other hand, there is a real D2C revolution in India," the duo said.

In a country like India, where a largely conservative attitude remains, MyMuse seems to have managed to balance its market position thanks to people who have recently taken over sexual health products.

"In fact, it was a conscious decision, using words as essential items of the bedroom. Talking about intimacy and not just thinking about sexual experiences was very appropriate. In addition, we did not want to be associated with a brand that is based on the idea of selling sex, " - Sahil explains.

About MyMuse | The foundings of a sexual wellness brand

Beginners offer products such as lubricants, vibrators, candles, and themed shirts, priced from Rs 899 to Rs 8,800. In addition to its website, it also sells its products through selected retail partners, including LeMill in Mumbai and Kosa Wellbeing in Pune. It is currently expanding its sales channel.

Anuška says that sexual health measures should be as much a part of a person's self-esteem and well-being as skincare.

"The goal is to make the brand accessible and not intimidating. "We really thought we were helping people understand this because part of the common good is more attractive and appealing," she adds.

According to the co-founders, India has a lot of cultural senses and the aim of the brand is not to offend anyone, but simply to create a great alternative for the people who seek it.

Despite the positive growth of players in the sexual welfare market, entrepreneurs believe that MyMuse is a pioneer in a lifestyle-driven approach to sexual well-being.

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