Why These Batchmates From IIT Delhi Decided To Bring Startup For Feminine Hygiene Space?

Sanfe is a New Delhi-based women's hygiene brand that aims to be one solution to all the problems associated with women.

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Why These Batchmates From IIT Delhi Decided To Bring Startup For Feminine Hygiene Space?

Still for many girls and women in the country, talking about menstrual hygiene has been taboo, with a long list of dos and don'ts. Even in metropolitan cities like Delhi, women are often troubled by these problems.

While studying at IIT Delhi, Archit Aggarwal and Harry Sehrawat saw their friend struggle with menstrual cramps during an important exam. While the duo couldn't talk about it or knew a lot about it at this point, they decided to do something to solve the problem.

In-depth, they realized that while the market for women’s intimate hygiene products is huge, very few have seen the idea of eliminating the stigma associated with it.

The duo then decided to dedicate themselves to women's concerns and founded Sanfe in Delhi in 2018. It is a new age market for feminine hygiene and skincare designed to give women the opportunity to speak out, enjoy the freedom and live the choices that are right for them.

Its product range includes stand and pee instruments, personal washing, personal wipes,  eco-friendly sanitary pads, pain relief, and menstrual cups.

Harry oversees product development while Archit analyzes customer needs and expectations.

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"Our journey started in 2018 with our hostel rooms and today we are leading a team of 50 people in Delhi. One of the biggest barriers to the penetration of local sanitary products for women is their lack of information and acceptance," explains Harry.

Increase community and coverage

Harry and Archit knew that in order to create anything in the female hygiene industry, they needed to be able to get the right feedback from consumers. They reached out to their targets to make sure they were creating the right products. This process alone includes multiple calls, profile analysis, email, face-to-face conversations, targeted group discussions, etc.

"Then we select the main issues and start with product research and development, sample testing, market product testing, customer service improvement every step of the way, which is repeated in pilot testing. In front of our community of dedicated women. for each of our products before launch, ” - says Harry.

The staff themselves first test the product and give the development team a basis for feedback on which the product is designed and implemented. The whole process takes 12 to 14 months from concept to product launch.

The startup now claims to have a working community of more than five million users and a monthly growth of more than 25%. "

We have a regular ARR of 30 million users and about 1.2 million users, ”explains Archit.

Product range

The team seeks to work with companies that strive to produce high-quality products, as most products are designed for topical use as well as body care. Currently, the average check is around 1000-1800 rupees.

The brand offers regular care products - reusable sanitary pads, sanitary cups, and tampons; Close care - personal deodorant, exfoliating and washing hands, medicines for washing the menstrual cup, etc; Personal hygiene - aid kits and urinals, toilet seat covers, razors; Secret Issues: Personal hair oil, hair removal cream along the bikini line, personal stretch oil; and breast care products such as soothing nipples, tanning oil, breast moisturizing cream and more. The products are available online, on their websites, and on other e-commerce websites.

Speaking about how they differ, Sanfe brand manager Nalini Prasad says: “We are a young company and our diverse category sets us apart from our competitors. Sanfe aims to be a label for women in the four stages of her life, from the socially active young woman to the young adult, characterized by independence, exploration, being a worker; Middle-aged women - fathers, pregnant mothers, and later - up to age 40 and over - are experienced and seek stable and reliable wellness opportunities. Our products are organic and dermatologically tested. "

In the future, Sanfe plans to add more products to specific categories and help solve not only common personal problems that women face on a daily basis but also plans to offer better solutions for bad relationships at home, health, and hygiene.

The brand plans to capture the pulse of the global feminine hygiene industry by taking its success story to other parts of the world. Sanfe's visions are a one-stop solution for all women's issues.

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