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Tips To Celebrate Guiltfree Diwali Without Compromising With Taste And Health

Many fitness freek people lose their control on festivals like Diwali, and eat high calorie food bellyful. Later on, they feel guilty. So, here we've brought some tips to celebrate guiltfree Diwali.

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Tips To Celebrate Guiltfree Diwali Without Compromising With Taste And Health

“A good health is more than thousands of blessings”, it is an old saying. In our friend circle or family, certainly, there will be a few people who are very cautious towards health and workout, yoga as well as a healthy diet is part of their routine. But they too, lose their control power on the occasion of such a grand festival like- Diwali. When their eyes fall on sweets, snacks, and other Diwali special dishes, they use to lose control and over-consume these things, and later on, they feel guilty. However, it is pretty natural but the question is how one can enjoy Diwali without feeling guilty.

So, here we are sharing a few exclusive tips by Honey Thaker, head nutritionist at Pure Nutrition, and Namita Piparaiya, the founder of Yoganama. Tips By Honey Thaker (Pure Nutrition)

Give Priority To Homemade Sweets 

Means, the Diwali celebration is incomplete without sweets. If you are planning to avoid sweets, then firstly, you can’t and however if you can do it, then avoiding sweets will ruin the festival vibes. So, as a solution to it, you must prepare sweets at home instead of purchasing them from the market. The reason is that the purchased sweets may contain a high amount of hidden sugar and calorie whereas when you prepare them at home, you can customize them as per your choice.

Burn Your Calories

During the festival, don’t make excuses to skip your daily workout. If you don’t have much time, then it’s okay because a 15-minutes workout is sufficient for keeping your health sound. If you continue your workout routine, you will not feel guilty as you’re still burning those extra calories. So, don’t make excuses, BURN YOUR CALORIES.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drinking an ample quantity of water will help you in cutting your calories during the workout. So, don’t let the festive excitement be the cause of dehydration. Drink plenty of water, keep yourself hydrated.

Take Sufficient Rest

Festivals can be hectic and can disturb your sleep. If you’re unable to get proper rest, you won’t be able to enjoy the festive celebration and parties, or perhaps you may have a way for health concerns also. So, if you ought to attend a late-night party, you must take an afternoon nap.

Practice Moderation And Eat Mindfully

Don’t go on a diet but don’t let go either. The best way to tackle overeating is to practice moderation. Enjoy one or two Gulab Jamun but don’t binge eat like a hungry wolf. You don’t have to suppress the desire to eat a delicious dish. When you eat it slowly and mindfully, you will eat less.

A Right Start Of Day Is Must

Have a glass of warm lemon water in the morning or take diluted apple cider vinegar before each meal to prevent bloating because bloating is what makes us uncomfortable during festivals. For a high metabolism, add ginger or black pepper to your meals. Stress Is Your Enemy This festival time is for enjoying your every moment with your friends and family. So, don’t stress about your weight or your calorie intake. Be Active And Practice Yoga Make sure that you’re not sitting around often. Get up, help others, decorate your home, get the door when the bell rings, etc. Allocate 15-20 minutes of your morning for pranayama and it makes you feel mindful.

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