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Actor-Producer Suniel Shetty contributes his part to the Film Industry with FTC Talent Android/OIS app

This article aims to carry out the legacy of bridging the gap between the talent discovering channels and the potential talents that is made easier in the hands of veteran actor-producer Suniel Shetty through his FTC talent app

By Trishita Basu16

Actor-Producer Suniel Shetty contributes his part to the Film Industry with FTC Talent Android/OIS app

COVID has made it evident that the Digitech is the need of the hour. Right from education to entertainment, digital technology has made its spread wide and still continuing. It can bridge all the gaps now. Such is the thought process with the veteran actor-producer Suniel Shetty, who has tried to reach out to the talents all over India who can make the celluloid flourish the most.

Suneil Shetty tried to create a platform of job opportunities for those talented newcomers whose talents are often missed due to the lack of opportunities. FTC Talent is an Indian app, initiated by Suniel, that acts as a compact way to curate the talents and introduce them to the producers.

To the utmost satisfaction of the founder, the app won the Atmanirbhar challenge. This added another level of boost to the initiative and thus Suniel makes it clear that the FTC team works their best to make the application easily reachable to the mass at large and easy to use for everyone.

Being a veteran actor, Suniel Shetty has always tried to produce opportunities for the right talents but he always faced a challenge that is the accessibility of the people. Thus he came up with such a contemporary idea.

According to the CFO, Priya Shetty, the talent pool is the same for every entertainment industry, be it Television, Celluloid, or Theatre. All the artists are functional through this application.

During the pandemic, where job opportunities are being minimized, this initiative is seen to be effective not only to create the opportunities for many artists but it can also be the medium to reach out to the target audiences whose talents are often overlooked due to the lack of platform.

According to the initiators, the industry is currently not channelizing the proper auditioning process to select the right amount of talent. Mostly the unregistered agencies or personal references are the main sources for an audition. Thus the actual purpose vanishes somewhere and the entire process of auditioning of the potential talent is not met ultimately. Such is the purpose behind FTC Talent so that the unauthorized middlemen can be eliminated from the process so that the potential talents are not exploited anymore.

Therefore, the application spread its reach and successfully grew globally, where the presence is spread in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and many more parts of India. However, the process has definitely not been that easy.

The founders of the website and application have made it very easy to access for the incumbents. They just have to signup using ftctalent.com or register into the FTC app and they are good to go. The portal will be accessible to the candidates who can search their work by taking easy steps. Similarly, the employers or producers can post their projects using the portal where the interested one can apply for further process. Thus the production teams can reach out to a large talent pool to review from. The entire process of the audition can be performed through this single app only.

People can create their proper profiles and each profile entails a number of attributes such as skills, personality, appearances, images, etc. The features of the app automatically match the talents with the job prospects already has aligned for them, through AI-based interphase. Each and every application is reviewed thoroughly to recruit the right fit. The entire process is also made secured through advanced technology. The verification process is also made strict.

The initiative was first started in 2016, located in Andheri West, Mumbai. In 2018, they launched the final application.

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