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Jalak Desai, Turns Passion Into Profession Amid Covid Lockdown And Earned 3 Lakh At Home

In the past year and a half, many of us have turned to various mechanisms to combat the coronavirus pandemic that has brought the world to its knees. Jalak Desai, a Surat resident, also turned to hobby painting to deal with the pandemic.

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Jalak Desai, Turns Passion Into Profession Amid Covid Lockdown And Earned 3 Lakh At Home

She had little hope of turning his childhood passion into a prosperous profession and making money by selling his art. Jalak recalls his school days and recalls: "At school, I was known for my paintings and I participated in all competitions."

Although her heart has always been art, the 31-year-old artist opted for a career in pharmacology because he believed that neither he nor his family would succeed. "No one thought it twice because art is perceived as an unstable career ”.

Jalak started working for a pharmaceutical company after completing a master's degree in pharmacology in 2011 and earned around 12,000 per month. However, when Jalak worked in this area for almost four years, he took a three-year break in 2015. She was blessed with a child.

When her child was three years old, Jalak returned to the professional world in 2018 as well. He started teaching as a visiting pharmacology teacher at an Ayurvedic school and continued until 2020. March. The coronavirus pandemic has stopped the world.

Beating the Lockdown with Art

Being unemployed, Jalak decided to start his childhood hobby by shutting down to keep busy and start sharing his finished artworks on his social media profile. Jalak was soon showered with praise for his unique creations from friends, family, and strangers. Everyone around him including his wife, family, and friends has always motivated the self-taught artist to continue with the arts, and Jalak hasn't looked back.

More than a year ago, Jalak took the advice of loved ones and launched the J D Creator's Lane website featuring Jalak's work. The first artwork Jalak commissioned was an architect who paid Rs 15,000 for a bespoke job. Since then, Jalak has sold more than 40 paintings and has managed to earn around $3 million. Litas, which is much more than what it does in pharmacology.

A mother and wife, Jalak devotes at least four hours a day to her art and works with a variety of materials such as canvases, bottles, and paintings, with objects ranging from abstract works to paintings by Shrinatji and Buddha that are close to her. ... a heart. “I don’t want to be versatile, but I enjoy doing all kinds of art because they provide different creative possibilities. Resin art is trending now and I've made 30 wall clocks, 6 wall pieces, stands, and lots of resin accessories. "

New beginnings

Jalak came from a family and time when an ordinary career was the norm and held back by his own insecurity. Despite being unhappy, she admits that the only reason she continued pharmacology was that she had a degree in the field. However, after a lot of pressure from his family and friends, Jalak turned to his passion again.

Despite the delay, Jalak's business is growing and she and her husband bought a new home to store their paintings, as there was no room in their current home. Jalak smiles as he admits that people treat him differently now, and he happily shares: “Now no one thinks of me as a pharmacist, everyone thinks of me as an artist. I have become very popular with my circle of friends and family.

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