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Those Profitable Business, Which You Can Start In Just 10 Thousand Rupees

Business is such a profession whose craze is being made among people of every age. For the past few years, in India too, there has been a lot of tendency among the youth to leave the job and start-up or start their own business.

By blogwriternisha

Those Profitable Business, Which You Can Start In Just 10 Thousand Rupees

After all, why not, if instead of working under others, if you get a chance to become the boss of your own company, then who will leave such opportunities. But the amount of freedom and earning in business, more than that, hard work is also needed in it. And then there is no guarantee of whether the business will be successful or not. That is why it is often said that instead of investing money directly in any business, one should start with a small business. Let us tell you about some such businesses that can be started with very little capital.

Bakery Shop

With the increase in income, the food habits of the people have also changed and hence the demand for bakery products has increased. Earlier, where the bakery shop was approached only on occasions like birthdays, now the utility of bakery has increased for snacks as well. If you want, you can take a franchise of a famous bakery chain, otherwise, you can open your own shop. It does not require a lot of money to start it.

Tiffin Service

Working professionals who often live alone in cities do not have enough time to cook their own food, so they have to get tiffins installed. If you know how to cook, you can start it yourself. This also requires a lot of investment.

Event Management

This work is outside the office. If you have the ability to build networking and manage a team, then this business is also very profitable. In this, you will have to meet the vendors and sponsors from deciding the venue. This work is for 24 hours. This is a big business, but if you have a good network. You can also start with less money.

Online course

If you have talent and you are good at studies, then starting an online course can prove to be good. Today, from Bank, SSC to Civil Services, preparations are being made online. There are many platforms that are making a turnover of several crores only through online courses. A nominal amount of money will be required to start it.

Tea stall

In India, the business of tea dboes not go down in any season. Be it summer, rain, or winter. Tea is a forever drink. It can be started anywhere. It can be started with some benches and tables.


Blogging is also earning money in the digital age. If you have the skill of writing then it can be started only through laptop and internet connection. If you want to start blogging on a large scale, then you can also make your own website.

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